AKRacing Gaming Chair Reviews

AKRacing is another big player whose seats appeared on the gaming scene in the early days when things were still getting started. Even though the brand is not as well known as DXRacer is they both have a lot in common:

You get a big selection of different styles, price ranges and sizes with high-quality materials and precise manufacturing. Besides, AKRacing is trying to step up their game by releasing the second ever genuine leather chair: the Onyx. The company also supports several esports teams like Astralis or Dignitas and also offers special edition seats in their typical corporate design.

Although having a lot of variety is a good thing it makes it harder for the gamer to decide which AKRacing chair to buy. That is the point where I step in! I have owned a few AKRacing seats and still actively use my comfortable ProX now and then. Check out my detailed reviews and guides to discover the best AKRacing gaming chair for your body-shape, bankroll and taste!