Low-Budget-Area: Cheap Chairs For Gaming

Obviously, I was unable to convince you that quality has its price and that it is advisable to wait and save money rather than devoting yourself to the urge of buying a chair as quick and cheap as possible. You have to trust me on this one: Why should you invest money for an upgrade that is not even an upgrade … just a new chair. Honestly, these cheap chairs for gaming below a 100 quid do not offer any of the key features that are so important in a gaming chair – they come with:

  • No advanced lumbar and neck support
  • Extremely limited flexibility
  • Low-quality materials that lack durability
  • Bad quality control (wrinkles, threads standing out, cracking noises …)
  • An optic that only renders decent on flattering pictures

Such a seat is supposed to improve your posture, make you feel comfortable, upgrade your gaming experience and to make you happier overall when sitting in front of your computer. Does it make sense to spare 50-100 bucks just for buying as cheap as possible? To purchase an illusion of what you actually want?

It might sound a little harsh to you, but believe me when I say that I made this experience and many others before me: It just is not worth it. You end up beeing unhappy with your purchase, and sooner or later you are going to buy another chair – in the end, you spent more than you would have if you had initially bought a quality chair.

Still dedicated to your low-budget-intentions? Alright, I will do my best to perform some damage control by presenting you cheap chairs for gaming, that protrude positively and are not a total pratfall.