You Are Built Like The Typical Average Joe? Congrats, You Have Got All The Choice In The World!

My choice of top Gaming Chairs for guys between 1,70m – 1,90m and an average stature.

Not yet satisfied? There’s more:

To be honest, pretty much every gaming chair on the market is going to fit an averagely sized person – some better, some less good. In the end, money is also a key factor since you could theoretically fit into the Tank Series, but you just would not use all the features you are paying for.

Anyways, here are a few more suggestions in case the seats above are not your cup of tea:

  • DXRacer: Even though the Boss and Tank would be a bit over the top, the Sentinel and Classic Series have their charms for a gamer like you.
  • Arozzi: The Vernazza is a stand out in the product range of this brand, and you would definitely fit into it – give it a try.