GOTURBACK – All The Gaming Chair Reviews And Info You Need!

My name is Tjorven, I am from Sweden, and if you are looking for a gaming chair, I am the one who has got your back! I will help you find a gamer chair that fits your physique meets your taste and is priced within your budget.

You are wondering if I am the right person to tell you which pro gaming seat fits you the best? Let me tell you:

There are not many people out there, who have laid hands on as many cool computer chairs as I did. DXRacer, AKRacing, Vertagear, noblechairs – you name it! I have had them all, researched and reviewed them. So if there is someone out there able to tell you which racing chair to buy, it is going to be me.

Alright Mr. hunchback, let us finally get rid of your cheap folding chair and start our journey to find a comfy PC-throne that is going to bring your health, skill and fun level to the next stage!