GT Omega Racing Gaming Chair Reviews

The UK-based brand GT Omega Racing has been well known for its racing simulator cockpits but was leading a rather plain existence until late 2014. I remember when the gaming chair boom hit the market, GT Omega was one of the first hopping on the trending train – and they did well: Ever since then the fame graph of this Brand skyrocketed but their gaming seats remained under the radar or to be more precise in the shadows of DXRacer and AKRacing.

Even though their EVO, PRO and MASTER chairs were quite the bargains, their quality just was not on par with the big ones, and the functionality was very limited. But their product range has undergone a dramatic revamp: They now come with 4D-armrests, a high foam density of 60kg/m³ and all the features you could ask for in a modern racing chair. The best part is that the pricing has not experienced the same drastic change which makes GT Omega one of the most economically priced brands in the business.

One could argue that their product range still lacks diversity, chairs for larger gamers and premium materials like real leather, but as far as the cost-benefit ratio goes, GT Omega Racing is one of the best. If you are on a budget, check out my size guide for this brand and give it a chance!