AKRacing Arctica Gaming Chair Review

The Arctica Series – made for confusing us gamers. Why would I say that? Well, the Arctica Series is exactly the same chair as the AKRacing Premium Series except for the design. The measurements and features are the same, but they decided to draft a new look. I do not know why AK came out with this new series instead of adding the new design to the Premium Series – who knows, maybe they just felt like bringing out some new chairs.

However, the Arctica Series is a pretty cheap chair in comparison to other models from well-established high-class brands like this one. It seems as if AK tries to make their models less functional to make them more affordable – just like the Overture Series which provides 1D armrests, too.

Model NameArctica Series
Materials Usedsteel frame, aluminium base, cold foam batting (55kg/m³), high density mould shaping foam, high quality PU leather covering, nylon/PU casters, PU armrests
Feature-Setheight adjustable armrests, (lockable) 12° rocking, class 4 gas lift, lumbar/neck pillows, 90-180° reclinable backrest, silent/floor-friendly 65mm*53mm casters, black 5-star base