noblechairs Gaming Chair Reviews

Mid-April 2016 a revolution took place in the gaming chair market when noblechairs first saw the light of day. Premium materials and precise craftsmanship second only to Swiss watchmakers – Ok, that was maybe a little over the top. In fact, they took the racing seat approach to the next level by not only creating a chair that looks like coming out of a luxury sports car but is made by the same production technology – the result:

Precise stitchings, an impeccably fitted covering, luxury design highlights, an extra durable high-density upholstery and top notch materials. With their EPIC series, they also introduced the first real leather chair offering a unique sitting climate through its natural breathability. Even the “typical” PU-leather noblechairs bears a secret: A perforated seat makes up for the usual downsides of synthetic materials, and its generous thickness gives it extra durability.

This may sound like a hymn of praise but in the end, it is just that throughout my reviews I have been so impressed with the products noblechairs creates. The quality, the design, the feeling – unparalleled luxury that is at the same time very affordable. The chairs just have a certain flair to them that gives you a feeling of power and royalty. It is also notably that noblechairs is the first brand also appealing to customers outside the gaming world thanks to their superior and reputable product design, made in Germany.