Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair Review

Your gaming chair is about more than looking cool and earning you some gamer street cred: it’s an important part of the whole gaming experience. The right chair goes a long way towards making those hours of play comfortable. The most important things about a good gaming chair are comfort and easy set-up. In this review, we’ll look at the Milano chair, one of nine ergonomically designed models which make up the Arozzi series of gaming chairs. This chair is made of cold molded foam shaped around a composite plywood frame and covered with good quality PU leather.

Model NameMilano Series
Materials Usedcomposite playwood frame, coldmolded foam, armrests and seat, synthetic PU leather covering, nylon/PU casters, PU armrests
Feature-Setlockable 12° rocking (lock function works only in an upright position), adjustable height gas spring, five twin wheel nylon casters, thick padded arm, seat and backrest, adjustable lumbar pillow