Nitro Concepts Gaming Chair Reviews

Nitro Concepts made its market debut in 2016 and focuses on entry level gaming chairs with a unique German made design approach. According to their website, the brand’s primary goal is to supply gamers with ergonomic, functional and eye-pleasing seats. A team of experienced textile industry veterans and seasoned gaming enthusiasts based in Germany is doing their best to accomplish these goals.

Nitro Concepts clearly is not a premium brand, so if you value features like 4D-armrests, high-end materials and precise craftsmanship you are better off checking out noblechairs. The current product range of Nitro Concepts is to be seen somewhere between the ranks of Arozzi and GT Omega. They offer decent quality and workmanship combined with essential features at an affordable pricing – that is the resume of my E220 EVO review.

All in all, the cost effectiveness of this brand is quite good and some of their designs stand out against its competitors in a positive manner. Nitro Concepts should be taken seriously within the market segment of entry-level gaming chairs and if you are on a budget, I strongly advise you to take their products into account!