Vertagear Gaming Chair Reviews

It has been silent around Vertagear for some time, but they recently came back with a blast: The release of the new Triigger Line! Although I have not been able to figure out why there is a second “i” in that word, this Vertagear chair trumps with an innovative design and feature set. For now, let us focus on the brand itself:

In 2015 Vertagear made its first appearance on the gaming chair market with auspicious ambitions: Bringing unique design innovations and paying close attention to customer feedback.

There is certainly no denying that they successfully did make themselves a standout brand. The SL4000, for example, offers a unique racing feeling with its ergonomically formed seating surface and the new Triigger Line brings a whole new approach to the way gaming seats are designed. So check out my Vertagear guides and reviews to find your personal favourite that fits you best in every aspect!