Vertagear PL6000 Gaming Chair Review

The PL6000 from Vertagear is a magnificent-looking chair, standing tall and wide. The older model PL6000 had some problems with the star-base in which the generously sized castors put too much strain on the aluminium base, causing deformation in the metal, cracks and metal fatigue in a surprisingly short time. The product has been thoroughly revised by switching to a sturdier, thicker supports, which has resulted in a solid feeling chair that supports bigger users without effort, even in a reclining position. A reclining position is achievable, with a great range of tilt on offer. The armrests are fully mobile, able to be raised, lowered, swivelled and tilted into almost any configuration.

Model NamePL6000
Materials Usedsteel frame, high-density resilient foam, PVC leather, aluminium base, PU casters for soft and smooth gliding, PU armrests
Feature-Set4d adjustable armrests, (lockable) rocking, class 4 gas lift, lumbar/neck pillows, 80-150° reclinable backrest