DXRacer Drifting Gaming Chair Review

The DXRacer Drifting is a very basic gaming chair, it does have the basic adjustable features that you would expect on a gaming chair, but it is one word, ‘basic’. The appearance is more subtle than many others available, which may be a beneficial factor for some. If you’re looking for something that is reliable and isn’t going to break the bank, then the Drifting might suit you. The chair’s extra padding is great for extended use and should remain comfortable for periods of up to 8 hours of use at a time. Although the chair does offer comfort and style, it may not be as heavy duty as others available. For example, the maximum user weight limit is much less than more expensive models, and the armrests are not as high quality and can sometimes be a bit wobbly.

Model NameRacing Series
Materials Usedsteel frame, aluminium base, PU leather or fabric covering, PU casters, PU armrests, high density mould shaping foam
Feature-Set1D/3D-armrests, (lockable) rocking, class 4 gaslift, lumbar/neck pillows, 90-135° reclinable backrest, silent/floor-friendly 2″ casters