Arozzi Mezzo Gaming Chair Review

The Arozzi Mezzo is a chair for those that require a basic upgrade. The main frame of the chair is made of metal, with a cover crafted from PU leather. The Mezzo has basic adjustable features, but everything most gamers will need to game in comfort.
These include a lockable tilting mechanism, and adjustable height and armrests. The sides and back of the chair are flared, kind of like a bucket seat, providing support to the sides of the body. This is not a premium chair but does have a slightly more premium feel than other low – mid range gaming chairs that are currently available.

Model NameMezzo Series
Materials Usedmetal frame, cold molded foam, pleather upholstery cover, nylon/PU casters, PU armrests
Feature-Setlockable 12° rocking, adjustable height gas spring, five twin wheel nylon casters, adjustable lumbar pillow, adjustable headrest pillow, adjustable armrest, adjustable recline 180°