Arozzi Gaming Chair Reviews

The Scandinavian brand Arozzi, although it has been there almost from the start of the gaming chair boom, has been carving out a rather inconspicuous existence. If you ask me, Arozzis not more than moderate success is somewhat undeserved considering some of their latest releases like the Verona Pro or Vernazza chairs. For the most part, I agree that there are better alternatives, but Arozzi should at least get some consideration.

Up until today, Arozzi has built quite the repertoire of different chairs: Cheaper entry-level models like the Enzo, customisable mid-priced seats like the Torretta and with the Vernazza even a chair that fit heavier, taller gamers.

The lack of market presence and expensive advertising like sponsoring should not withhold you from checking out what this brand has to offer. Even though I have not had the chance to do extensive reviews of Arozzis product range, I picked up some insights here and there that I have put together into a buying and size guide. Curious? Then proceed by scrolling down and let me introduce you to what Arozzi has to offer!