Kinsal Vs. DXRacer

Here we are comparing a chair from DXRacer with a chair from Kinsal. If you’ve read our write ups, you know that we’re fans of DXRacer. They produce very nice, high end chairs designed for distinguishing gamers. DX sponsors multiple eSports teams. They have a fully functional website complete with the ability to size chairs, and make purchases.

Kinsal is a bit different. Their chairs are all under 200 dollars each. They are targeted to budget minded gamers. The company does not have a dedicated website. Instead, they market their products through Amazon. Although, it does appear is if they did have an online shop at one point, but it is no longer functional. They are active on Twitter and other social media sites.

Is it fair to pit Kinsal against against a company like DXRacer? Maybe not, but the truth is many gamers can’t afford high end gaming chairs. In spite of this, they still want the fit, look, and experience of a gaming chair. Many of them are buying these less expensive chairs. The question is, are these purchases worthwhile? Should gamers wait until they’ve saved enough to invest in a high end chair, or are Kinsal chairs a reasonable compromise. Let’s take a look at two different chairs.