Secretlab OMEGA Review: My experiences & offers for Ω

Finally I can add another of the current top brands to my website – I have the Secretlab OMEGA in test. Among many of my videos you have asked when I’m going to say a few words about the manufacturer Secretlab, now it’s time. The manufacturer itself should already tell you something, because whoever has informed themselves about gaming chairs via Google, often gets ads on Facebook from the brand.

Secretlab has particularly trumped in the past with the cool designs of the chairs, which also made a very solid impression in terms of quality. So there is real potential to take something from the market from the big top dogs. Whether I really like the OMEGA, which body sizes it fits and whether I would recommend a purchase to you, you can find out now!

The essentials are already in my video. A few pictures and details about the body size you can take from this report.