DXRacer: Reviews, size & buying advice for all series!

You won’t be surprised to learn that DXRacer is one of the TOP brands on this portal. DXRacer chairs are still the best known on the market today and have been established in the gaming scene for a long time, partly because this is one of the first major gaming chair brands. Just like AKRacing and Vertagear, high-quality chairs in racing design are produced here, which only have to admit defeat to the premium brand noblechairs in terms of workmanship. Office chairs from DXRacer are incredibly popular in the scene and therefore regularly sold out.

Quality, comfort, style & durability – DXRacer.

You’ll see the DXRacer chair at every major gaming and eSports event – whether it’s Gamescom, Paris Games Week or ESWC. DXRacer offers one of the widest gaming chair assortments in the industry and is also very active in Esports. Thus, various teams are sponsored, including Complexity, Natus Vincere and NiP, for example.

Many of you have certainly seen or test-sat models from DXRacer’s ranges. They combine ergonomics and comfort with stability as well as design, and they look awesome too! It is not for nothing that this gaming swivel chair is often seen by pro gamers. As with all real gaming chairs, the same applies here: Once you’ve sat on such a high-quality racing office chair, you won’t want a cheap one again.