DXRacer Formula Vs. Racing

DXRacer is a company that started manufacturing custom race car seats. Then, they moved into the world of gaming. They are well respected among experienced gamers, eSports athletes, streamers, and many others that have made their mark in both console and PC gaming. If you attend an eSports event, there’s a good chance you will see more than one team wearing DXRacer gear. You’ll probably also see the company listed as a sponsor.

There’s no doubting their reputation, or longevity in this space. However, we did have one question. Are all DXRAcer products equally good? The DXRacer Formula and Racing series of chairs are two of their most popular lines. We wondered how they would stack up when compared side by side.

To accomplish this test we ordered one Formula chair and one Racing chair. Then, we grabbed a couple of dedicated gamers to give these chairs a try. Here’s a run down of their experiences, and a summary of their final thoughts.