Your Height Is Average But You’re A Beefy Guy? These Picks Will Most Likely Satisfy You!

My choice of top Gaming Chairs for guys between 1,70m – 1,90m and a sturdy stature.

Haven’t found your favourite, yet? Maybe I can help:

Where exactly does “average” end and where does “big/beefy/sturdy” start? Right, that is by no means cast in stone. So if you find yourself somewhere in between or just on the edge of it, there might be some more gaming chairs that could interest you.

To give you a brief impression, here are some quick picks:

  • DXRacer: The Iron has got some pretty generous dimensions, and the wide series with its flat side boulders could also fit you.
  • AKRacing: Even though the Premium Series is not meant for huge guys, it offers a bit more room than the average chair. If you find yourself between average and beefy, it is worth checking this seat out.
  • Vertagear: With the SL-5000 it is a similar case – it’s somewhere in-between.
  • Nitro Concepts: Looking for something much more affordable? The C80 does not offer anything special but its dimensions are somewhat universal.