Your A Tall Gamer With An Average Build? Maybe I Have Got Something For You Here!

My choice of top Gaming Chairs for tall guys above 1,90m and an average stature.

Need some help making your descision? Let me try:

There are special chairs for smaller gamers as well as for beefier people, but the tall guys always seem to get overlooked. Out of all the possibilities shown above some do stand out:

  • noblechairs: Both alternatives work ideally for taller gamers, but the ICON gets a slight advantage with its tapering silhouette. These gaming chairs are my personal favourite, and it is a must to check them out.
  • DXRacer: If you are not that heavy – ~80-90 kilos – see the King. If slightly above pick the Sentinel or Classic and only if you are close to or exceeding 100kg the Tank or Boss come into play.
  • AKRacing: Both, the ProX and the Onyx, are a viable choice – the latter is just more premium with its genuine leather covering.
  • Vertagear: If you have got the money go straight for the Triigger 350 or the 275 – if not, the PL6000 is not a bad choice either.
  • Arozzi: I would go either with the Mezzo if your weight is around 85 kilos or with the Vernazza if you are any heavier.