You Are A Tall And Beefy Guy? No Worries, These Chairs Will Fit You!

My choice of top Gaming Chairs for tall guys above 1,90m and a beefy stature.

Want some more detailed recommendations? Here we go:

Sadly, if you are a tall grown person with a sturdy build, you have to choose from just the premium chairs. To ensure that you make the right choice I hereby give you my personal recommendations for each brand listed above:

  • noblechairs: I think some of you are totally fine with the EPIC. Overall, however, I believe the ICON is the best choice out of all the chairs on this page.
  • DXRacer: Tank and Boss will most definitely fit you. If you are close to a 100 kilos the Sentinel or the Classic might also please you.
  • AKRacing: The Onyx with its flat side boulders and real leather covering would be my choice here.
  • Vertagear: Here it is either the Triiger 350 (SE) or if you are on a limited budget the Triigger 275.
  • Arozzi: They do not have much to offer for the XXL community, but the Vernazza certainly does its job up to about 1.95m/110 kilos.