DXRacer Formula Vs. Racing

DXRacer is a company that started manufacturing custom race car seats. Then, they moved into the world of gaming. They are well respected among experienced gamers, eSports athletes, streamers, and many others that have made their mark in both console and PC gaming. If you attend an eSports event, there’s a good chance you will see more than one team wearing DXRacer gear. You’ll probably also see the company listed as a sponsor.

Kinsal Vs. DXRacer

Here we are comparing a chair from DXRacer with a chair from Kinsal. If you’ve read our write ups, you know that we’re fans of DXRacer. They produce very nice, high end chairs designed for distinguishing gamers. DX sponsors multiple eSports teams. They have a fully functional website complete with the ability to size chairs, and make purchases.

Are DXRacers Worth It

Gaming chairs are specifically designed for style and comfort. Many gamers prefer these chairs over standard office chairs because they are ergonomically designed. Well-designed gaming chairs can reduce soreness and fatigue.

How Long do DXRacer Chairs Last

DXRacer gaming chairs are not cheap. You’ll spend 289 dollars at the very least. If you go for the most expensive model, that will set you back nearly 600 dollars. Most people can’t afford to replace an investment like this every few months. It only makes sense that people want to know, how long these chairs last and how quickly wear and tear shows.

Secretlab Vs. DXRacer

Secretlab and DXRacer are two very well known chair makers. Here, we break down the differences between a chair from each of these companies. To make things fair, we picked two chairs in the same price range, and that were built for the same sized gamer. We had the same person test each chair for the same amount of time. Before we start, let’s take a quick look at both companies.

DXracer vs Need For Seat

“Sit Better. Work Harder. Game Longer.” That’s the catchphrase that DXRacer has chosen. Need For Seat simply states that they have “Better Seats For Office And eSports”. We’ve decided to take one chair from each maker for a side by side comparison.